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Life after Covid Hit the World

Life is busy. Ask anyone how they are, and they will most likely say, “I’m great but very busy.” On our planet of more than 7.5 billion people, so many things to do, places to be, and people to see. Two months ago, my life “was” no different. I have two teens, three adult children, a husband, an engineering career, and a growing health and fitness business. I say “was” because once the Covid pandemic hit our world, most everything changed.

The gym I worked at closed, I was sent home from work with several family members sick (not Covid, but we didn’t know at the time) and I moved my work computer home, my daughter’s school closed for the rest of the school year, my husband began working from home, etc … Before Covid I spent hours in the car, driving from place to place, spent at least a hundred bucks on lunches out with co-workers a month, had lots of meetings to go to and loved every minute of it. I listened to audibles between activities keeping my mind learning and active. What a contrast!!!

So then, I was home. My office in my bedroom, beside my bed (no other place to put it in our busy household). My 23 son was home from traveling the world and in my would-be office. Time seemed to stop. My daughter and I became friends and started working out together. I also started a relationship with Kit Kats (not real proud of it). After a month, I got sick of my paralyzed world. My waist was growing, as well as frustration, but the realization that things weren’t going to get back to normal any day soon began to sink in.

I decided to contact my clients and see if they wanted to “Zoom” classes with me. I started with a few students and it began to grow. My passion for exercise came back and my distaste for Kit Kat’s grew as well (at least their impact in my life). I began developing classes online and the busyness of my life began to resume, but all on my terms. I was home with my family, growing a garden I had wanted for years, having contact with students in my classes, and building my fitness business on the internet.

I can’t say I would have made so many drastic changes if I hadn’t been forced into it. I feel like the eagle who has been pushed out of the nest and tries to fly for the first time. I am excited and scared all at the same time. I share my story to inspire you to try new things. Give those new wings a flap. Get into a new routine, even if it means leaving everything you know behind. Take a small step daily to your intention and keep on the journey until it becomes a habit and you begin to see results. I know you are worth it and can do what you set your mind to!!