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    Benefits of Free Weights

    • Cost. Three or four sets of dumbbells would have cost Sarah less than 10 times the amount she spent on her machine.

    • Space. Dumbbells take up far less space than most of the exercise equipment

    • Variety. Use free weights along with benches or Swiss Balls and you have multitude of exercise options.

    • Suitability. However, if you can grab a dumbbell, you can use it.

    • Functionality. Properly using free weights will increase the functionality of an exercise to real-world situations.

    • Safety

    • You get stronger. Research has shown that free weights help you to get stronger much faster than weight machines.

    • You get more athletic. Free weights also build more balance and coordination than weight machines.

    • You’re more efficient with time.

    • You can move through a greater range-of-motion.

    Benefits of Pilates

    System of movement that uses mind and body to enhance strength improve flexibility and gain core stability

    • Concentration: Focus on task not problems

    • Control: Power over one’s own body

    • Centering: Core foundation of all movement

    • Flow: Movements executed with graceful even slow pace
    • Precision: Focus on perfect technique for every movement

    • Breath: Connects mind to body and cleanses body by oxygenating the blood

    • Total Body Movement: Use the body as a unit

    • Relaxation: Focus on one area of the body while the rest of body is relaxed

    Pilates is a very engaging, intentional exercise which will build muscle tone and length, develop abdominal muscle strength and release stress and help sleep patterns.  Give the sample 30 minute workout a try and let me know how it felt for you.

    Benefits of Balance Exercises

    Though it might not cross your mind,

    you need good balance to do just about everything, including walking, getting out of a chair, and leaning over to tie your shoes.

    Strong muscles and being able to keep yourself steady make all the difference in those and many other things you do every day.

    Balance training involves doing exercises that strengthen the muscles that help keep you upright, including your legs and core.

    These kinds of exercises can improve stability and help prevent falls.

    Doing balance exercises can be intense, like some very challenging Yoga, Pilates and Yamuna (body Rolling).

    Others are as simple as standing on one leg for a few seconds.

    Or you can use equipment that forces your body to stabilize itself, like a Bosu half-circle stability ball or a balance board you use along with a vide.

    • Prevents falls.

    • Reduces the risk of lower-extremity injuries, such as knee and ankle injuries.
    • Improves proprioception (the ability to know where you are in space)

    Benefits of Yamuna (Body Rolling)

    System of movement that uses mind and body to enhance strength improve flexibility and gain core stability

    • Direct bone stimulation – improves the quality of the bone and rids bone of excessive impact

    • Helps with bone alignment as muscle tension is released

    • Lengthens muscles as they are released from origination point to the insertion point on the extremities.

    • Uses mild traction which allows muscles and fascia to unwind, creating space in the joints

    All of the YAMUNA® work promotes BODY SUSTAINABILITY.

    helps make healthy body choices to prevent injury
    helps maintain healthy and freely moving bodies at every age is at the core
    These techniques can be used at home so you can treat yourself and restore your better function to your body


    Kathy Hicks graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo as a Civil Engineer. In 1995, she became a registered engineer and worked in the engineering field for 10 years. Due to Graves Disease, which impared her ability to perform engineering, she lost her job. She stayed home for 10 years, decided to homeschool her five children, and created a raw food business called Gourmet Green. The business began to take over her life and she decided her children needed more attention, so she put the business on a shelf.

    In 2014, with all the kids no longer homeschooling, Kathy felt she needed to return to the working world and re-entered the engineering world. After 10 years away, she had to relearn everything. It was difficult, but she has become proficient again at engineering, her body having healed from her condition. Although engineering was challenging and interesting, it wasn’t her passion. She has always loved mentoring, coaching and working with people and because she has been involved in physical fitness and nutrition for most of her life, becoming a personal trainer was a natural fit. In 2016, she finally decided to get more serious about fitness and become a Certified Personal Trainer from National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Shortly after, she received her Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification from NASM as well. In 2017, Kathy developed a love for Yamuna, body rolling, and eventually Pilates. With her wealth of knowledge regarding anatomy and muscular function, she incorporates corrective exercise as she develops workout programs for classes and private sessions.

    Kathy’s certifications include Professional Engineer P.E. State of California, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, Yamuna Instructor, SCW Pilates Mat Instructor, NASM Nutritional Certification.

    Kathy has been in Sebastopol for 20 years and has a large family and loves traveling, camping and cooking for her family and friends. She loves playing and composing music.

    “I love people and enjoy helping them discover their potential in all areas of life, especially health and fitness.”

    Blueprint To Success

     Molly Underwood
    Molly Underwood
    “Attending classes and coaching sessions with Kathy are a highlight of my week. She generously shares her deep knowledge of the body, combining it with playful humor, which empowers me with confidence as I gain strength and flexibility”
    Chuck Sackett
    Chuck Sackett
    “Having worked extensively with Kathy, I can confidently and happily say that she is an incredible physical instructor, personal trainer and nutritionist. Kathy is so enthusiastic about sharing her personal health knowledge, that I feel like she is not only my own cheerleader, but enthusiastic cheerleader to all of those that she instructs. I highly recommend Kathy”
    Cherie Gunnell
    Cherie Gunnell
    “Thank you for today’s work out! I really feel loosened up. I appreciate all the knowledge you have acquired to be able to teach and help our bodies strengthen. I am impressed with how you keep us moving from one exercise to another, explain, count and breath!!May God bless your business when we are free once again. “


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