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Making It Count

What do you do? Where have you been? Where are you going? Who are you? I’m sure you’ve been asked these invasive questions.  I know I have wanted to fabricate answers to a few of the questions, feeling like I don’t measure up to the interviewee.

As a teen, I wanted to major in music. My father dissuaded me in that direction saying that it didn’t really pay well. So, I decided to major in Engineering, which would pay well and be challenging.  When I told my father, he doubted my ability to complete the program. Instead of changing my plan again, I drew a line in the sand and decided “to show” him that I could finish the program. Civil Engineering wasn’t my dream or passion but I knew it would support me in my adult life.  Eventually, I received my Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and became a registered Engineer.

What does this have to do with fitness? Health? Life?  For me, it has everything to do with my life and current ambitions. It was a crossroad I have to plow through to make a statement to both my father and the world: “I will not quit, whatever it takes, I will not fail or give up on goals and dreams”.

That drive continues to press me onward to the next achievement.  Sometimes my crazy ideas don’t work out, but I always learn something on the journey.  Although not everyone supports my vision. I try to surround myself with like-minded people, who strive for expansion. So I say to you, midstream on my path:

Don’t stop!  Don’t quit!!, Don’t give up!! Find others who believe in you. Who wants the best for you.  You were put on the earth to achieve greatness. You are unique and truly needed on the earth to express the flavor of who you are.   Dream new dreams. Create. Invent. And Enjoy!