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    Is it Vertigo? Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

    Is it Vertigo? Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

    Recently I woke up feeling a little tipsy. I turned my head a little and felt, well drunk, but worse. Usually when you open your eyes after exceeding your alcohol limit, the spinning ceiling goes away and you try to keep your eyes open until you fall asleep. Now, keep in mind, I am remembering these unfortunate experiences from my college days and I definitely felt triggered. On this particular day, I realized that something was incredibly off. Because a few friends had mentioned vertigo in the last month, I thought I might be suffering from the ailment. Have you ever feel like the world around you is spinning, even…

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    Focus On Anti-Aging

    No one enjoys the process of growing older. However, there are many who have the ability to age gracefully and accept the changes that their body and mind are taking on this journey. It can be overwhelming as we think about how aging affects our lives. If we try to keep our attention on only a few aspects as we focus on anti-aging so we can stay hopeful and positive as we walk through this process. Aging gracefully does not mean you have to accept the problems that arise with each year. Instead, it allows you to take a proactive approach to protect your health, reverse or manage issues that…

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    Let’s Talk Foot Pain!!


      Today let’s talk about foot pain during the aging process. This is one topic that many health professionals don’t mention. Exercise and stretching is a very effective prescription to help with foot pain. If that approach fails, your doctor may suggest surgery.  I try to avoid this option as a last resort. But sometimes, surgery is the only option. None the less, we have all felt foot pain. Often, we don’t know the cause or how to make the pain go away. So, we just try to deal with the pain and hope it gets better. Have you been down this road? I know I have. After the birth…

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    What Is Right for You?

    The other day I was talking to several peers, most in their 50’s and 60’s, many of which have some sort of joint or back issue. After the birth of my twins, I found my lower back in quite an altered state, my abdomen muscles non-existent and even severed from the large size of the babies (14 lb total, 5 weeks early) and my sleep being affected by my constant back pain. Another issue might be a knee blowout my friend’s had a number of years ago and are now feeling scar tissue act up when they move. In addition, they may have had a fall which required a hip…

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    Aging Gracefully

    As a Civil Engineer, I have worked on many types of projects; site plans for homes, roadway projects, and large grading projects to name a few. One thing all of these projects have in common is the success of the project is largely dependent on the foundation and strength of the soil that it is built on. One could build a beautiful home and watch it fall if the foundation hasn’t been properly prepared and designed. Similarly in our bodies, building a good foundation is imperative when we think about aging gracefully. Recently I told one of my clients that I was fighting the aging process with everything I had.…