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    Let’s Talk Foot Pain!!


      Today let’s talk about foot pain during the aging process. This is one topic that many health professionals don’t mention. Exercise and stretching is a very effective prescription to help with foot pain. If that approach fails, your doctor may suggest surgery.  I try to avoid this option as a last resort. But sometimes, surgery is the only option. None the less, we have all felt foot pain. Often, we don’t know the cause or how to make the pain go away. So, we just try to deal with the pain and hope it gets better. Have you been down this road? I know I have. After the birth…

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    Creating Muscular Balance

    Creating Muscular Balance

    When I first heard of corrective exercise and creating muscular balance, the meaning in my mind was pretty simple. When you have an injury or have been inactive for a while, with help you can get help to regain mobility.  Once you hire a physical therapist or personal training they will create an exercise routine to regain the strength you have lost. When I decided to become a Corrective Exercise Specialist, I realized that there was so much more to recovering from an injury or weakness than just letting the injury heal and getting back to your normal workouts.  There are four basic components to a corrective exercise continuum that…