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    Finding Your Fitness Motivation

    You might know that exercising on a regular basis is good for you, and have even chosen some great workouts to do, but motivating yourself to continue is another thing entirely. Fitness, like diets and new hobbies, are often easy in the beginning. You are excited to try something new, you add them to your schedule, and feel ready to finally make it work. You are determined that this is going to work, even if in the past you gave up after a few days or a few weeks. The problem is motivation. You need to keep pushing yourself and finding the motivation to continue, even on days when you…

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    Help Clear Covid Fog

    Help Clear Covid Fog

    By Kathy Denise Hicks Although, the news has lessened regarding the Covid virus more recently. As you probably remember, we were constantly seeing the Covid numbers, the impacts to the hospitals, and the latest symptoms in front of us on the TV, blogs, and magazines. Regardless if you are a “vaxer” or “non-vaxer”, had Covid or haven’t had Covid, due to information overload, we all may be suffering from “Covid Fog”. Today I will give you five ways to help clear Covid fog.                                                      …

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    Making It Count

    What do you do? Where have you been? Where are you going? Who are you? I’m sure you’ve been asked these invasive questions.  I know I have wanted to fabricate answers to a few of the questions, feeling like I don’t measure up to the interviewee. As a teen, I wanted to major in music. My father dissuaded me in that direction saying that it didn’t really pay well. So, I decided to major in Engineering, which would pay well and be challenging.  When I told my father, he doubted my ability to complete the program. Instead of changing my plan again, I drew a line in the sand and…