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    Is it Vertigo? Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

    Is it Vertigo? Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

    Recently I woke up feeling a little tipsy. I turned my head a little and felt, well drunk, but worse. Usually when you open your eyes after exceeding your alcohol limit, the spinning ceiling goes away and you try to keep your eyes open until you fall asleep. Now, keep in mind, I am remembering these unfortunate experiences from my college days and I definitely felt triggered. On this particular day, I realized that something was incredibly off. Because a few friends had mentioned vertigo in the last month, I thought I might be suffering from the ailment. Have you ever feel like the world around you is spinning, even…

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    Aerobic and Resistance Training Keeps You Young!!

    The benefits of aerobic and resistance training in both recreational and competitive athletes are well documented. Sports programs and athletes have embraced these techniques as pillars of improved sporting abilities and good health maintenance. I know in my program I focus on several modalities that provide resistance training and incorporate low impact Aerobic or Cardio exercises. Having a balanced program in your daily routine will help you increase your longevity and quality of life as you age and essentially keeps you young. A properly curated and executed training regimen that aligns properly with an athletes goals and objectives will definitely increase strength and power while also improving performance.  Such a…

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    Finding Your Fitness Motivation

    You might know that exercising on a regular basis is good for you, and have even chosen some great workouts to do, but motivating yourself to continue is another thing entirely. Fitness, like diets and new hobbies, are often easy in the beginning. You are excited to try something new, you add them to your schedule, and feel ready to finally make it work. You are determined that this is going to work, even if in the past you gave up after a few days or a few weeks. The problem is motivation. You need to keep pushing yourself and finding the motivation to continue, even on days when you…

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    Focus On Anti-Aging

    No one enjoys the process of growing older. However, there are many who have the ability to age gracefully and accept the changes that their body and mind are taking on this journey. It can be overwhelming as we think about how aging affects our lives. If we try to keep our attention on only a few aspects as we focus on anti-aging so we can stay hopeful and positive as we walk through this process. Aging gracefully does not mean you have to accept the problems that arise with each year. Instead, it allows you to take a proactive approach to protect your health, reverse or manage issues that…

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    Help Clear Covid Fog

    Help Clear Covid Fog

    By Kathy Denise Hicks Although, the news has lessened regarding the Covid virus more recently. As you probably remember, we were constantly seeing the Covid numbers, the impacts to the hospitals, and the latest symptoms in front of us on the TV, blogs, and magazines. Regardless if you are a “vaxer” or “non-vaxer”, had Covid or haven’t had Covid, due to information overload, we all may be suffering from “Covid Fog”. Today I will give you five ways to help clear Covid fog.                                                      …

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    Stay Productive and Healthy During Chaos

    As I scan the news and think about what is going on in the world, my neck becomes very tight and my shoulders start inching up towards my ears. I can hear my voice in my head, “lower your shoulders”, that I speak in my exercise classes constantly. Stress of world and local chaos can derail our best attempts at keeping a routine of sorts. If you are trying to keep up with chores, kids and work tasks, while endeavoring to stay healthy and fit, you may find yourself lost in a sea of uneasy and anxious thoughts. Before you know it, the day has disappeared and you haven’t reached…

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    The Most Effective Injury Prevention Protocols

    By Kathy Denise Hicks Twenty-five years ago I embarked on an adventure that I didn’t know would affect my life so dramatically. I gave birth to a set of identical twin boys with a total weight of about 14 pounds. Little did I know, how carrying these little bundles of joy would create a bit of havoc in my body. I like to think of it as a sports injury actually and by using injury prevention protocols, I may have avoided some of the injuries I did through this whole experience.  Soon after the babies were born, my back and hips began expressing themselves with a bit of complaining. Eventually…

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    Five Ways to Stay Fit at Work

    Five Ways to Stay Fit at Work It is Good for Business!! As a Civil Engineer for 25 years and more recently online entrepreneur and personal trainer, I have spent many working hours at a desk and computer. I have experienced pain and tightness in my back, shoulders and legs that may have been prevented. The effects of a sedentary lifestyle is talked about all over the media and at some time or another has affected most of us. Symptoms of sitting for much of the day include leg and gluteal muscle loss and disfunction, lower back pain, weight gain, and a number of chronic illnesses including diabetes, depression and…

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    Let’s Talk Foot Pain!!


      Today let’s talk about foot pain during the aging process. This is one topic that many health professionals don’t mention. Exercise and stretching is a very effective prescription to help with foot pain. If that approach fails, your doctor may suggest surgery.  I try to avoid this option as a last resort. But sometimes, surgery is the only option. None the less, we have all felt foot pain. Often, we don’t know the cause or how to make the pain go away. So, we just try to deal with the pain and hope it gets better. Have you been down this road? I know I have. After the birth…

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    Creating Muscular Balance

    Creating Muscular Balance

    When I first heard of corrective exercise and creating muscular balance, the meaning in my mind was pretty simple. When you have an injury or have been inactive for a while, with help you can get help to regain mobility.  Once you hire a physical therapist or personal training they will create an exercise routine to regain the strength you have lost. When I decided to become a Corrective Exercise Specialist, I realized that there was so much more to recovering from an injury or weakness than just letting the injury heal and getting back to your normal workouts.  There are four basic components to a corrective exercise continuum that…