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    Focus On Anti-Aging

    No one enjoys the process of growing older. However, there are many who have the ability to age gracefully and accept the changes that their body and mind are taking on this journey. It can be overwhelming as we think about how aging affects our lives. If we try to keep our attention on only a few aspects as we focus on anti-aging so we can stay hopeful and positive as we walk through this process. Aging gracefully does not mean you have to accept the problems that arise with each year. Instead, it allows you to take a proactive approach to protect your health, reverse or manage issues that…

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    Help Clear Covid Fog

    Help Clear Covid Fog

    By Kathy Denise Hicks Although, the news has lessened regarding the Covid virus more recently. As you probably remember, we were constantly seeing the Covid numbers, the impacts to the hospitals, and the latest symptoms in front of us on the TV, blogs, and magazines. Regardless if you are a “vaxer” or “non-vaxer”, had Covid or haven’t had Covid, due to information overload, we all may be suffering from “Covid Fog”. Today I will give you five ways to help clear Covid fog.                                                      …